By Chris, Dec 6 2017 04:32PM

I've created a few wine bottle stoppers with flies in them just for kicks. They take a ton of polishing when turning them on the lathe but they're pretty cool. I also have them in colorful acrylics as well.

By Chris, Oct 16 2017 05:20PM

I've been experimenting with longer handled nets to accommodate different needs. I made this one for a friend who just returned from a successful trip to Montana. It has a 55" handle for use in a drift boat. The net shown on my home page is one I made for myself. I have T-Rex arms (short!) and this makes netting fish easier when fishing by myself. These nets are made to order and usually take a couple of weeks.

By Chris, Jul 11 2017 03:06PM

With the hex season in full swing, I'm now making a larger fly box that is useful for streamers and larger dry flies. I found some really nicely figured maple that I'm using for the tops and bottoms. The inlaid mosaic versions are available too.

By Chris, May 17 2017 05:35PM

I was trying to figure out a way to upgrade my flyboxes so I experimented with some mosaics of walnut, oak, ash, and cherry. They make finishing a chore due to the grains running different directions but the result is pretty nice!

By Chris, Mar 13 2017 05:31PM

I've always enjoyed using nice pens and wondered what it would be like to make a REALLY nice one. I recently made two. The first features dark blue abalone on a rhodium/black titanium fountain pen. The other is mallee burl on a rhodium/gold fountain pen. These come with both blue and blank ink as well as a rollerball conversion kit. They are sweet!

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